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Amish Barns

A Proud Heritage

Tradition. Culture. Value.

The Amish – their relationships are based on trust. Trust is created from face-to-face relationships. The Amish cherish extended family and long-standing traditions. 

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Your Dream Barn

Your barn dreams can be realized – from traditional barn designs to elaborate equestrian buildings – an Amish barn will be perfect for you.





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Amish Barn Builders


Old-World Values



Your barn many uses . . .

Barn Building

Amish Barn in a Green Field

An Amish Barn Raising: Three Stories

An Amish Barn Raising

Forgiveness, having faith, second chances, and relying on God are the central themes. Another point is that it is never too late to change. Trust in God. Each of the three stories is tied into the barn raising theme as well. All three of these novellas are uplifting stories that are thoughtful and engaging.

Becoming Amish

Becoming Amish

A family’s journey of faith, community and purpose.

The true story of Bill and Tricia Moser, who were living in one of America’s wealthiest communities, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, when they stepped away and began a journey that led to an Amish horse-and-buggy life, immersed in Amish grace.


American Experience: The Amish

The Amish

This is a well balanced video. It is divided into approximately equal length segments, each entitled for one of the four seasons. The landscape is absolutely stunning and the photography shows it extremely well.

This video gives viewers an intimate look into the daily life of the extremely simple, religiously conservative, and deeply spiritual lifestyle of the Amish.

Amish Barns

Custom Amish Barns

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