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The Amish

This page contains articles from other sources about the Amish and their way of life. We have found each one of them to be informative and valuable. If you have an interest in the Amish, then this page may be for you. The curation of Amish-related topics is intended to cover a wide range of subjects.

Amish Information

Amish Barn Raising

Amish Barn Raising

A barn raising is an Amish community event at which all members of a community cooperate to build a barn or another structure, such as a home or church.

10 Things You May Not Know About the Amish

The Amish - 10 Things You May Not Know

Where they live . . . what they think about technology . . .dating and diversity.

The Amish have lived in America for a long time as they first arrived in America in the early 18th century. The word Amish derives from the name Jakob Amman who was a Swiss minister who believed that people should conform to the teachings of Christ and forsake the world.

From USA Today

The Carriage Shed Provides Amish-Built Barns and Sheds

Custom Amish Barns and Buildings

The Carriage Shed is a family owned and operated business located in Vermont. They have worked with the Amish for years and years. They have an excellent way of working directly with the Amish and directly with you to have a barn or custom building set up on your property.

They offer a wide variety of barns and buildings and any structure you can dream up they can build. All structures are Amish made with #1 Select Grade Material and built to last.

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The Amish and Healthcare

The Amish and Healthcare

Along with eschewing cars and many other modern technologies, the descendants of 18th-Century German immigrants who practice the Amish and Old Order Mennonite religions, have effectively opted out of most federal safety net programs. The close-knit communities essentially insure themselves.

from NBC News

Are the Amish Environmentally Minded?

The Amish and the Environment

The Amish tendency to refrain from certain types of civic participation and activism also limits their ability to confront larger ecological challenges that cross property lines and state and national borders.

In addition, the Amish suspicion of scientific evidence and their reluctance to base decisions on information beyond their own experiences may lead to a reactive, not proactive, stance.

From Amish America

Can The Amish Resist The Modern World

The Modern World and The Amish

A centruy ago there were only about 5,000 Amish in America. Today, there are over 330,000 Amish in 546 settlements.

This German-speaking sect, which demands simple lives of self-reliance based on the Bible, may be at odds with the rest of today’s society – yet surprisingly, it is booming, rather than being swamped by a fast-evolving world of smartphones and social media.

From The Guardian

An Amish Lifestyle – Family, Language, School and more.

Amish Lifestyle

The author had the incredible opportunity to get to know a family and live with the Amish for one week. These are the things she learned by living with the Amish.

Keep reading, you might be shocked!

From A World to Travel

Custom Building Design and & Amish Built

Custom Buildings - Amish Crafted
Custom Buildings from The Carriage Shed.

You can design the barn of your dreams, with a one of a kind roof line, a barn, garage or studio to match the unique design and siding of your home, a special layout of windows, you think it up and they can help you design it. All Carriage Shed barns are Amish crafted and the Amish are known for their distinctive craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Amish in America

The Amish in America

The Amish began thriving after the middle of the 20th century, and today their population has swelled to more than a quarter of a million people in nearly 2,000 church districts.

While each church community follows its own unique lifestyle guidelines, all Amish groups have an Ordnung which is a set of unwritten behavioral regulations that members must follow.

From Public Broadcasting Service

The Amish, A North American Religious Group

Amish Going to Church

Humility, family, community, and separation from the world are the mainstays of the Amish. Everyday life and custom are governed by an unwritten code of behaviour called the Ordnung, and shunning (Meidung) remains an integral way in which the community deals with disobedient members.

In formal religious doctrine, the Amish differ little from the Mennonites.


Amish Population Profile, 2020

The Amish Population Profile 2020

The primary forces driving the Amish population growth are sizable nuclear families (five or more children on average) and an retention rate of 85%. Few outsiders have joined the Amish, therefore the growth is almost entirely from within the Amish community.

New Amish settlements are still being formed which are typically small, with only a few families in a single church district (congregation).

The Amish Work Ethic

The Amish Work Ethic

Do the Amish actually work harder than the rest of us? Or . . . do they just work differently?

From Amish America

Classic Monitor Barn

Classic Monitor Barn

A Special Design – The Monitor Barn

The Monitor Barn has a pushed up center which is excellent for a hayloft, apartment, extra storage or ventilation if you do not design for a second floor. Product offered by The Carriage Shed.